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Leadership Development

How do you create an aligned and effective team?

Overview of Leadership Development Approach

Road sign concept with the text Growth and blue skyCultural context is important in any leadership development approach. You will be assisted in identifying your cultural context and be provided with appropriate tools to approach and meet your needs.

The approach includes a combination of personal coaching, community development and shadowing to support the development of capabilities, competencies, values and behaviors.

Your action plan will include a development roadmap that will show key milestones to be accomplished.

Value to clients:

  • Greater speed and efficiency in growing the business
  • Execution and responsiveness increases
  • Leaders have increased capacity and competency
  • Leaders gain greater accountability for their growth and development


“Kathy helps me identify the gaps between where I am and where I need to be, and then develop a plan. Her style is non-threatening and she embraces areas for growth and change.”

— Joel Schauer
Fairchild Industries

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