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Leadership Development

Are you willing to be developed?

Courage and humility are qualities that all good leaders possess. Consider going from “good” to “great” as we develop a plan for your leadership.

Leadership Development

In order to have a strong foundation, the right leaders with the right skills and values must be on board.

  • We ask you to complete several leadership assessments to determine your style of leadership and that of your team.
  • We perform a diagnostic test of you and your leadership team through a questionnaire and interview to determine values, capabilities and cultural fit.
  • We jointly develop a plan for one-on-one coaching to address gaps and blind spots.

“Kathy helps me identify the gaps between where I am and where I need to be, and then develop a plan. Her style is non-threatening and she embraces areas for growth and change.”

— Joel Schauer
Fairchild Industries

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