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Kathy uses CoAction consulting to empower your business and team. CoAction consulting is at the intersection of business performance and human effectiveness. It’s about holding people accountable for results while treating them with respect and providing the tools they need to be successful.

Step 1: leaders3 Diagnostic

The first step is to perform a diagnostic. The Leaders3 Diagnostic was created based on years of experience and research that shows common challenges that leaders face when they arrive at different growth plateaus.

Leaders3 Workshop

Kathy has developed a hands-on workshop focused on the three main leadership challenges she’s encountered in her work with CEOs. You will discover the barriers to growth and how to overcome them.

Challenge 1: Capacity

If you think you have reached your capacity or have a leadership team that needs development, Leaders3 is for you.

Solution – Leadership Development:

We work with you and/or your leadership team to identify gaps and blind spots and develop a plan for improvement. We jointly identify values, behaviors, skills, style and cultural-fit opportunities for development.

Can you envision you and your leadership team operating in alignment in a highly trusting environment?

Challenge 2: Focus

If you don’t have a roadmap for where you are headed or have so many priorities that nothing is a priority, Leaders3 can assist you.

Solution – Strategy Formulation

We work with you on strategic planning and help you integrate your core purpose into a plan that is focused. We also have several innovative strategic formulation approaches, including Lean Startup, and utilize the Business Model Canvas to equip you with new tools for growth and profitability. In the fast-changing business environment, the use of these tools is essential.

Challenge 3: Ownership

If you have not communicated a clear vision or if your team has not owned the vision and values, Kathy can help.

Solution – Cultural Alignment

We work with you to identify gaps in your organization and develop a plan for improvement. We use the Denison Culture Model to assess four key levers of organizational alignment and health – Mission, Consistency, Involvement and Adaptability.

So, now what? Nothing is successful without implementation. We work with you to develop an action plan and a process for each of the three challenges.

Everything we do is customized for you since no two people or organizations are the same. We jointly develop Measures of Success to ensure that each project provides the level of success you expect.

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