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We use CoAction consulting to empower your business and team to accelerate growth. CoAction consulting is at the intersection of business performance and human effectiveness. It’s about holding people accountable for results while treating them with respect and providing the tools they need to be successful.

We help clients change the way they think about and manage their business to achieve greater growth and effectiveness. It starts by refining the business model – how the company creates, delivers and captures value. Then, we help ensure that the values, culture and leadership align with the customer driven strategy.

Woodliff Acceleration for Growth and Speed (WAGS)

Strategy Formulation and Implementation

We work with you on strategy formulation to:

  • Accelerate business growth
  • Focus on the most important initiatives to drive growth
  • Increase alignment and ownership of your leadership team
  • Enhance decision-making within your organization

In this fast-changing business environment, the use of different tools to meet your specific needs is essential.

Can you envision your organization with greater focus and clarity to achieve sustainable growth?

Leadership Development

We work with you and/or your leadership team to identify gaps and blind spots and develop a plan for improvement. We jointly identify values, behaviors, skills, style and cultural-fit opportunities for development.

Can you envision you and your leadership team operating as an effective and aligned team?

Cultural Alignment

We work with you to identify gaps in your organization and develop a plan for improvement. We use the Denison Culture Model to assess four key levers of organizational alignment and health – Mission, Consistency, Involvement and Adaptability.

Can you envision a culture that drives organizational health and improved financial performance?

Customer Strategy Integration

Customer Driven Strategy

We help you formulate customer driven strategies that make clear who you sell to, how you create value, who you compete with and why customers will buy from you .

Can you envision everyone on your team rowing in the same direction, communicating and aligned around your value proposition?

Woodliff Product Management Generation

Product Management

We help you align your products to better meet customer needs and ensure that your product development and innovation processes are positioned for future success. Effective product management is critical to accelerating and sustaining growth.

Can you envision a dynamic product management process that is integrated with your customer driven strategy?

Woodliff Risk Management Elevator

Risk Management

We assess your enterprise to identify, prioritize, minimize and control the probability and impact of operational risks that could leave your company and/or reputation vulnerable.

Can you envision having confidence in the quantification and control of unpredictable and uncertain enterprise risks?

Woodliff Succession Success

Succession Planning & Implementation

We help family owned businesses achieve a successful and smooth transition by quarterbacking the approach developing a plan and mapping the gaps. We work closely with the identified successor to provide coaching, growth and stretch assignments to achieve success.

Can you envision when you leave your business? Will the next generation steward it with the same values, care and growth that you have?

So, now what? Implementation drives success. We work with you to develop an action plan and process for business challenges that you face.

Everything we do is customized since no two people or organizations are the same. We jointly develop Objectives, Measures of Success and Value to ensure that each project provides the level of success you expect.

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