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Imagine generating profits with purpose for  your organization.

Woodliff Global Consulting is a management-consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations generate profits with purpose.

It does this through three primary service offerings: Core Purpose Development, Leadership Development and Purpose-Driven Strategy Development.

Core Purpose Development

We help you explore the reason your organization exists beyond just making a profit. We work with you to help you discover your core purpose which serves to guide and inspire your employees and stakeholders.

Imagine what your organization would be like if all of your team members were engaged at a heart level with a purpose greater than your profit.

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Leadership Development

We work with you and/or your leadership team to identify gaps and blind spots and develop a plan for improvement. We jointly identify values, behaviors, skills, style and cultural fit opportunities for development.

Can you envision you and your leadership team operating in alignment in a highly trusting environment?

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Purpose Driven Strategy

We work with you on strategic planning and help you integrate your core purpose into your plan. We also have several innovative strategic planning approaches, including Lean Startup, and utilize the Business Model Canvas to equip you with new tools for growth and profitability. In the fast-changing business environment in which we live, the use of these tools is essential.

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Implementing Strategy

So, now what? None of our strategy planning is successful without a way to implement it. We work with you to develop an implementation plan and a process for each of the above services.

We help develop the needed on-ramps and connections to make your core purpose a reality.

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No two people or two organizations are the same. We customize our approach. Everything we do is tailored for you and your organization’s needs.

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